Time For Bed (feat. Justin Bieber)
Artist: Khalil
Album: A Long Story Short
102,380 plays


Time For Bed (feat. Justin Bieber) - Khalil

Just One Last Time feat. Taped Rai
Artist: David Guetta
Album: Nothing But the Beat 2.0
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Just One Last Time by David Guetta feat. Taped Rai

One Last Time
Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: My Everything (Deluxe)
6,680 plays


"One Last Time" - Ariana Grande

Out of Town Girl
Artist: Justin Bieber
Album: Believe (Deluxe Edition)
1,189 plays
When I Look At You (Demo)
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Album: Miley Cyrus: Unreleased
468 plays
Cherry Bomb
Artist: The Runaways
Album: Guardians of the Galaxy
131,270 plays


cherry bomb // the runaways

can’t stay at home, can’t stay at school
old folks say, “you poor little fool,”
down the street i’m the girl next door
i’m the fox you’ve been waiting for

Them Girls Be Like
Artist: Fifth Harmony
Album: Reflection
5,508 plays

NEW SONG: Them Girls Be Like - Fifth Harmony

Marvin's Room
Artist: JoJo

53,077 plays

Fuck that new girl that you like so bad
She’s not crazy like me I bet you like that
I Said Fuck that new girl that’s been in your bed
And when you’re in her I know I’m in your head

Artist: Chris Brown
Album: X The Album
11,708 plays
Hands On Me (feat. A$AP Ferg)
Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: My Everything (Deluxe)
11,506 plays