Danger’s Back: Sneak Peek (The beginning of Chapter 40)


I’m hoping to have the chapter posted hopefully by this Saturday! You guys are the best readers a girl could ask for and you guys deserve the world! Instead of posting separate sneak peeks I thought giving you guys the beginning of the chapter would be a great way to thank you guys for everything you’ve done for me! I’m so excited for this chapter, it’s going to be a fun one that I hope you guys will like! Enjoy the sneak peek, I love you so freaking much!! :D

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Anonymous said:
give us a peek for chapter 19 adriana! :D

there you go! :)

My favorite lines of Chapter 11 so far omg

My favorite lines of Chapter 11 so far omg

Look what I’m working on..

I do this because I love you…

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Going to leave you guys with something before I got to bed…


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